Iron Valley® is integrated with Gear Fire


Iron Valley® Supply is partnered with Gearfire and our live inventory feed is activated! This full integration with our network of Gearfire dealers provides you greater access to product availability and selection for your eCommerce web stores.

Your inventory feed is ready to be activated today!

How to Activate Your Live Feed

  1. Create an email and send it to [email protected]
  2. In the email, state that you would like to activate your live feed for Iron Valley Supply Co.

    Be sure to include the following information:

    • Store Name
    • Address
    • Phone Number
    • Contact Name
    • Iron Valley® Supply Account #
  3. Send the email

Your live feed should activate within 24 hours!

If you have any questions, please contact your Gearfire Representative or Iron Valley® Supply Account Manager about activating your live feed.